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What are Studs Saying about Remodeling Wichita?

Trend setters say there are more studs popping up than in the previous years around Wichita. Studs?  You guessed it, framing studs! Eric Volkmann, Remodeling Wichita Expert and owner says Wichita room additions have been hot this year. Whether a customer is adding a few square feet to their kitchen or an entire sunroom, families are looking for more space on their main floor.

#1 Reason for Room Addition Sales in Remodeling Wichita

Some homeowners are staying put in homes over $250,000. They are waiting out the deflated property values while making expansions and improvements. People do feel that the drop property values in Wichita will see a recovery in the next few years. The investments they make now may potentially put money in their pockets as the Wichita Real Estate Market makes its steady recovery.
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Modified Basement Stairs

What has 1500 ft and dwells below you? Your basement! Wichita room additions are perfect for gaining extra sq footage on the main level, but you gotta love our basements for theater rooms, wet bars, excercise areas, and additional family living. If you haven’t finished this space, you are missing out on the best return on investment you can make in your home.

An average Wichita basement finish budget starts between $20-$25 per square foot. That’s a lot of bang for your buck, says Eric Volkmann, licensed contractor and owner of EhandyRepair.com

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Hire a licensed contractor with referrals when making structural changes to your home. We’ve added cantilevers into garages to gain space on budgets less than $5,000. For full room additions, plan on $20,000 or more in a Wichita room addition remodeling budget.

You can also create the illusion of a bigger space with a few design tricks. Continuing your floor from one space to another will make your rooms appear to be larger. Don’t select similar tones that blend together. This is where you want to see a contrast from the floor to the cabinetry. Removing any cabinets that are suspended from the ceiling and blocking your views will also give you the feeling a larger space.

Call Eric (316.393.6935) for your Wichita Room additions. The award-winning design and install  team was featured on DIY Network for their innovative products. To get started on your project and Wichita remodeling budget go to Ehandyrepair.com.

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Wichita Kitchen Designer, Mary Volkmann, is inspired by Candace Olson’s design. Mary says, “I like the quiet, sophisticated tones in her designs. Her spaces are so liveable with just a splash of trends.”

Wichita Remodeling trends tend to embrace this sophisticated styling. “It’s a more conservative design crowd to work with,” says Mary, ” but we do have taste.” Interior Designer, Mary, can be reached through her husband’s contracting company  Ehandyrepair.com or call Eric at 316-393-6935.

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Don’t forget to look up in your Wichita Remodeling project. The ceiling finishes and light fixtures are key components to a cohesive design.

If you have invested money in new cabinetry and surfaces, transparent light fixtures will keep your eyes moving around the newly designed project. If you get too heavy, they will draw too much unnecessary attention.

For more design ideas, visit our website. We are located in Wichita, KS. You can also call Eric at 316-393-6935:


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When remodeling a Wichita home, hard surfaces become an important role. They are the canvas that let’s your personality shine. The trends can be fun AND scary, at the same time. Scary? Well, it’s an investment that you don’t want to doubt. How long will the trend last is a lingering concern.

Mary Volkmann, Wichita Kitchen Designer and Bath Specialist studies the trends and incorporates a comfortable timeless look. “I always love using real stone products, whether it’s slate, marble, travertine or granite. They are sophisticated and always in style. A popular trend in backsplashes is glass. Mixing the two surfaces is a stunning choice.”

Call Eric at 316-393-6935 to get the ball rolling. The award-winning design and install Wichita Remodeling team  was featured on DIY Network for their innovative products. To get started on your project and Wichita remodeling budget go to http://www.cliqstudios.com/

Eric Volkmann: Kitchen and Bathroom Design Contractor 316-393-6935

Handyman Wichita Ks for Residential and Commercial, Rental Property Management Solutions.

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Wichita Remodeling tends to stay pretty sophisticated yet low-key on the trends. The biggest, and possibly the smartest impact your can make on your design project is color splash. You can affordably change paint, but hard surfaces tend to be a bit more permanent.  When in doubt, focus on textures and real stone products for long-term design elements.

Talk with Interior Designer, Mary via appointment or visit  Ehandyrepair.com  (Handyman Wichita Ks) to see more of this Wichita Remodeling Company’s design and build style.

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