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Maximizing Your Space

Balance, scale and cohesive design patterns play a significant role in your  project. Ideally, you want to create conversation areas while choosing the right furnishings.

 Mary, Wichita Interior Designer, looks at the ceiling height and size of the rooms before shopping. Measure! Measure! and Measure AGAIN. You may even want to draw a proposed layout BEFORE you go shopping. Returning a couch is not like taking back a blouse.

One of the biggest mistakes I see repeated in design is the lack of heighth in a room. Use chairs with taller backs to bring your ceilings up. Stack paintings on paintings to create interest. There should always be a flow in the level changes with furnishings and accessories.  Curtains should run floor to ceiling. It’s better to have drapes that are too long and bunch on the floor than to have that old high waters look.

Talk to Interior Designer, Mary Volkmann, about your Wichita Kitchen and Bath Designs and other projects.


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A Better Use of this Wall- Don’t You think?

Remodeling Wichita for 2 Decades.

You walk by it everyday. You ponder the possibilities and dream of being that organized individual you see on t.v. Yet you do nothing about it! So what’s it going to take to get you to call a Wichita Remodeling Company or Wichita HandyMan Service and get that project started? These little improvements bring you satisfaction and value. Go ahead, add that little built-in you’ve always wanted. It’s never going to build itself ( :

Remodeling Wichita Design Center

Stop in and talk with Interior Designer, Mary Volkmann, about your Wichita Kitchen and Bath Designs and other projects.

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Interior Design Planning

Are you ready to paint your canvas with an expert at your side? You’ll want someone who listens and translates your needs and style into a cohesive design.  Grab a couple of magazines and mark the designs that inspire you. Ask yourself what specific elements of the picture are you drawn to. Have an expert help you translate the look from paint to hard surfaces. Always work in natural lighting to make your selection first. Check out the samples and bring them into your home as a secondary check point.

Stop in and talk with Get Cooking’s Interior Designer, Mary Volkmann, about your Wichita Kitchen and Bath Designs. Go to EhandyRepair.com for more of this Wichita Remodeling Company’s design and build style.

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Wichita Kitchen Designer, Mary Volkmann, is inspired by Candace Olson’s design. Mary says, “I like the quiet, sophisticated tones in her designs. Her spaces are so liveable with just a splash of trends.”

Wichita Remodeling trends tend to embrace this sophisticated styling. “It’s a more conservative design crowd to work with,” says Mary, ” but we do have taste.” Interior Designer, Mary, can be reached through her husband’s contracting company  Ehandyrepair.com or call Eric at 316-393-6935.

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Wichita Remodeling tends to stay pretty sophisticated yet low-key on the trends. The biggest, and possibly the smartest impact your can make on your design project is color splash. You can affordably change paint, but hard surfaces tend to be a bit more permanent.  When in doubt, focus on textures and real stone products for long-term design elements.

Talk with Interior Designer, Mary via appointment or visit  Ehandyrepair.com  (Handyman Wichita Ks) to see more of this Wichita Remodeling Company’s design and build style.

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Wichita is Catching Up

At the heart of this kicthen remodeling store in Wichita, KS is a unique couple that has been working together for over 20 years. You can smell the scent of freshly ground coffee, touch the stone tiles, pick of a kitchen gadget that ACTUALLY WORKS, and drool over their cabinet door selections, but Eric and Mary Volkmann are what make this Wichita Remodeling company work.

Mary Volkmann, Wichita Kitchen Designer, says Wichita is catching up on the trends. Chocolate and Pearl have weaved their way into kitchens and baths creating a crisp feel.

Stop by our Wichita Remodeling Showroom at 21st & Maize to view our Diamond Cabinet line. You can also plan your designs at TheInspiredBox.com.

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