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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Wichita Average Budgets

One of the first things to consider in Kitchen and Bath remodeling Wichita projects is your total budget. Are looking for a full turn key Wichita Contractor or will you being doing parts of the project yourself?

You can have a kitchen designed and installed for $18,000- $30,000 on average in Wichita, KS. You could also take that same Wichita kitchen remodel and spend $40,000 to $80,000 by selecting high-end materials. A Wichita Bath Remodel design and install usually runs between $5,000 and $10,000. Once again, this same bathroom with high-end finishes can run upwards of $20,000.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Wichita Money Savers

Consider choosing a contractor who is willing to reduce remodeling Wichita expenses. The best way to save is to put in some sweat equity. Consider tackling the work that does not require special skills. For example, tear out and haul off in remodeling Wichita homes can add up quickly. Someone has to do it, and this is an ideal place to reduce expenses.

Fair warning, should you choose to do your own tear out, be ready to charter unpredictable territory. Some laminate peels away like removing a glove, while other jobs can become quite tedious. You never know what’s under several layers of flooring, and it’s necessary to start with a clean slate. On the bright side, it’s an excellent way to take out your aggression and sweat off a few pounds!

Kitchen Remodeling Wichita

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Wichita Insider’s Budget Saver

If you buy through your contractor, they are going to make a profit that in turn WILL BE passed onto you. Yes, often items like cabinets, countertops, tile, and fixtures are purchased at a reduced price by contractors which leaves room for profits. It’s more convenient to make you buys through the contractor, plus your Wichita Contractor would be held accountable for the materials.

On the other hand, if you find a good buy on a sink, tub, appliance, light fixture, or any other item, seize the moment to save. Check to make sure the item is still under warranty and know the chain of command you’ll need to go through if something goes wrong.

For instance, you buy a dishwasher off Ebay and your contractor properly installs it, yet it crashes on you in 90 days, fixing it falls on your shoulders. Plumbing fixtures and appliances are often found on clearance, but these two items are the most problematic in warranties!

Surprises in Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Wichita Budgets

No one likes surprises, but be prepared for these additional expenses. Concealed problems may arise during kitchen and bath remodeling Wichita projects. A qualified contractor will let you know if there is concealed damage or a sub-floor that needs to be replaced before moving on to the next step. It’s best if you set aside additional funds to do the project right and follow the expert’s advice. If the contractor has provided you a detailed itemized list, you’ll know if  this change has been allowed within your contract.  Unfortunately, even the best contractor can’t see what lies underneath.

Be in CHARGE of Your Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Wichita Budget

The simple fact is YOU ARE in charge of controlling your budget! When the electrician is doing your rough-ins, and you decide to add an outlet… it’s not usually a freebie. My contractor didn’t figure enough can-lights for my kitchen remodel in my estimate” is a matter of opinion, and opinions often come with a change order, as well.

The best thing you can do is to count, consider, discuss and carefully read your Wichita remodeling estimate before starting your project.  It is your vision, and you ultimately control your kitchen and bath remodeling Wichita contractor. Call Eric Volkmann in  Wichita, KS 67204 for design & install remodeling Wichita experts! 316-393-6935


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Remodeling Wichita Color Trends

I have been using pale grays in kitchens and baths for several years. It’s a nice back drop for a peaceful room. You can bring in warm tones on your hard surfaces and play off the cool and warm tones.

Remodeling Wichita Favorite Color Tip

Pick a dark gray wall for your canvas with a splash of red or purple accessories. Watch these darker charcoal grays ignite the colors in your room. With the right natural lighting this is a stunning color trend for you to embrace and transform a room.

Remodeling Wichita Showroom- Visit a Designer

Wichita Room additions, Bath and Kitchen remodels, we love to design and install it all.  Wichita, KS.

For all your Remodeling in Wichita: Visit  EhandyRepair.com or call 316-393-6935 ERic’s Wichita Remodeling showroom. Ask for E!

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What are Studs Saying about Remodeling Wichita?

Trend setters say there are more studs popping up than in the previous years around Wichita. Studs?  You guessed it, framing studs! Eric Volkmann, Remodeling Wichita Expert and owner says Wichita room additions have been hot this year. Whether a customer is adding a few square feet to their kitchen or an entire sunroom, families are looking for more space on their main floor.

#1 Reason for Room Addition Sales in Remodeling Wichita

Some homeowners are staying put in homes over $250,000. They are waiting out the deflated property values while making expansions and improvements. People do feel that the drop property values in Wichita will see a recovery in the next few years. The investments they make now may potentially put money in their pockets as the Wichita Real Estate Market makes its steady recovery.
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Eric Volkmann, Wichita Remodel

My background is diversified in all areas of the construction process. I have been a licensed building contractor for 20 years now. I was so proud to be featured on the DIY Network for our innovative products. Thinking outside the box… saying “YES! We can do that” sets us apart from the other guys, but nothing makes me feel prouder than a customer that puts me on their handy man call list. There’s not a job too big or too small for me. I provide the best experience possible for my customers so they keep my number handy.

Eric Volkmann, EHandyReapir.com

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A Better Use of this Wall- Don’t You think?

Remodeling Wichita for 2 Decades.

You walk by it everyday. You ponder the possibilities and dream of being that organized individual you see on t.v. Yet you do nothing about it! So what’s it going to take to get you to call a Wichita Remodeling Company or Wichita HandyMan Service and get that project started? These little improvements bring you satisfaction and value. Go ahead, add that little built-in you’ve always wanted. It’s never going to build itself ( :

Remodeling Wichita Design Center

Stop in and talk with Interior Designer, Mary Volkmann, about your Wichita Kitchen and Bath Designs and other projects.

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Modified Basement Stairs

What has 1500 ft and dwells below you? Your basement! Wichita room additions are perfect for gaining extra sq footage on the main level, but you gotta love our basements for theater rooms, wet bars, excercise areas, and additional family living. If you haven’t finished this space, you are missing out on the best return on investment you can make in your home.

An average Wichita basement finish budget starts between $20-$25 per square foot. That’s a lot of bang for your buck, says Eric Volkmann, licensed contractor and owner of EhandyRepair.com

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