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Maximizing Your Space

Balance, scale and cohesive design patterns play a significant role in your  project. Ideally, you want to create conversation areas while choosing the right furnishings.

 Mary, Wichita Interior Designer, looks at the ceiling height and size of the rooms before shopping. Measure! Measure! and Measure AGAIN. You may even want to draw a proposed layout BEFORE you go shopping. Returning a couch is not like taking back a blouse.

One of the biggest mistakes I see repeated in design is the lack of heighth in a room. Use chairs with taller backs to bring your ceilings up. Stack paintings on paintings to create interest. There should always be a flow in the level changes with furnishings and accessories.  Curtains should run floor to ceiling. It’s better to have drapes that are too long and bunch on the floor than to have that old high waters look.

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